Colleen is about to go under the knife and she is still delivering posts for

I have had terrible vision since I was in grade school.  I've worn glasses or contacts for 30 years of my life.  I wasn't always good about wearing them and some people thought I was a jerk because they would wave and I wouldn't respond. That was actually in my college years when I broke my glasses and must not have had the money to get them fixed!  This all leads up to today...I am getting something called PRK, which is similar to Lasik.  I am SO NERVOUS!  I have eyeball issues.  They gross me out.  I don't like them to be touched, and now I am having ELECTIVE surgery on them.  Right now, while I am still in the hotel room, I am feeling tough.  When I get to TLC, I will be scared.  Not so scared that I will cry like a little girl...but scared.  I know I will be o.k.  I checked.  No one has ever died from Lasik!  But you are wide awake and alert as they operate.  I was counting on some happy drugs, but I don't think I am getting any.  Finally, it was put into perspective by my friend's daughter...Dani.  She told me she had major eye surgery when she was 3, and wasn't as big a baby as I am.  Dani is ten.  I just have to remember that this will be life changing for me.  I am excited to be done, and  it doesn't take very long.  I am ready!  I wish Dani was here to hold my hand.

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