I have already told you that I don't get out much, but it is the holiday season and I do enjoy getting dressed up and going to Christmas parties.  That being said, we have three parties this weekend, on three different nights. I honestly don't remember the last time I put on make up and got dressed up three days in a row!  I don't even think I have enough Spanx to cover all three nights.  Tonight is the big test to see if I can behave like a grownup.  I have been known to have a couple too many cocktails and say inappropriate things.  Before I go out, I have to remind myself not to smack anyone's butt, and not to think the dance floor is my own personal stage.  It's something about being away from my kids that makes me go a little crazy.  I also don't like getting a sitter for my kids three nights in a row either.  They don't care.  They have a sitter who's like part of the family, plus they get pizza and no bed time.  It's a huge party for them, too!  I have to go get ready now...it takes longer than it used to, although I already know what I am wearing, it's my Christmas "uniform."   If you see me tonight, I am sorry in advance for anything I may say.