I am thankful for my job every day for a variety of reasons.  My work is so much fun, I get to work with one of my best friends in the world, my job pays for my shoe fetish, and of course bills and insurance.  It also allows me some pretty great opportunities. For example, my kids got to meet Carrie Underwood the other night!  It was a surprise (thanks, Tom!) .  Matthew had to stay home, even though he walks all over the house singing, "I want to un un un un un undo it!"  It was a girl's night out, and one they will never forget.  I have the pictures to prove it!  I have never seen Gracie like that before.  Her entire face lit up and she was so excited she couldn't even talk.  Even my Emma, who is so well-spoken was overwhelmed.  I, of course, burst into tears watching them.

I never knew I could love someone so much as I do my kids.  Don't get me wrong, I love my husband, but would throw him under the bus for my kids...don't worry, he knows it!   Next time, when Matthew is a little older, I will take him...but he will probably try to pinch her butt and get us thrown out.  She didn't think I was very funny when I stood next to her and said it looked like I was going to eat her.