I think (fingers crossed) that Matthew is almost out of diapers!  HOORAY!!!  He has been my most difficult child to potty train.  "They" say that boys are harder to train, and "they" also say that intelligent children are more difficult to potty train.  If that's the case, then Matthew must be a genius! I have literally tried every method of potty training that there is.  You know what it took?  Letting him be ready, and naked...that's the only way I could get him to use the potty.  However, that was a little off-putting for guests who would come over.   He is now talking about how he is a big boy and poops and pees in the potty.  He is wearing all the cool underwear I bought him.  He wears them backwards so he can see Buzz, Elmo, etc.  when he looks down.  It's so funny to see him from the back, it almost looks like he's wearing a thong!  I have been so excited to get rid of the diapers...they are expensive, and GROSS!  Now, it's becoming a bit bittersweet.  I know he's my last baby.  My first born turns 9 this week.  It's all going by so fast, and I haven't been as good as I wanted about pictures and keeping a journal.  What the hell am I saying...NO MORE DIAPERS!!!!   Now I just have to start working on his pee style.  He likes to stand in front of the toilet with his hands on his hips and watch it fly.  I know his future wife will appreciate me teaching him how to aim a little better.