The divorce remodel is almost done! Yesterday, there was a flurry of activity (because I told Mike we weren't going to Missoula if it wasn't done). The kids were on their own to play and get homework done and generally keep themselves occupied. I missed them! I am loving our evening routine—homework, early dinner, hot tub or games, bath time, and snuggle time.

I have made a no t.v. rule during the weeknights (except for Grey's Anatomy).  I am NOT opposed to t.v.   Anyone who says t.v. isn't a good babysitter is full of it.  Somedays it's been my only way to shower, start dinner, or have a few moments of sanity...besides, it's educational for the most part.  Matthew's favorite show is Bob-O, or as it's better known as, "Spongebob Squarepants."  My low point was one day I was watching Bob-O and laughing, then turned around and saw there weren't any kids in the room.  Tonight, there is going to be a no work rule.  I am not a routine kids napped on the go...but my little routine during the work week works for me.