No, not my butt, which would be my first choice, but crap in my house.  I used to be organized and my house/closests drawers were always clean.  That was before kids.  While I have learned to let go of "perfection," I am starting to lose my mind.  This weekend was spent in the basement....the scary scary basement that you can barely walk through because of all the crap.  I sat down with the kids and we threw away all broken toys/dirty old stuffed animals and clothes that were too worn to give away.  I was expecting a fight...but didn't get one.  I guess that just proves it was time.  I am starting to feel like I can breathe again.  I am realizing how very little I need, and even though it hurt to get rid of some of the kids things (a lot of that stuff took me back), I am loving living clutter free!  Up next, the closets upstairs, the pantry, the bathrooms...and someday...the butt.