I can't see and I am loaded up on Vicodin so I am going to keep this short!  I am very glad I can't see today, because it's just me and the kids, and I know they are messing up my very clean house.  I can't wait for this next week, when my eyes get stronger and stronger.  I miss being at work, and should be back on Monday.

In the meantime, if you've ever thought about getting Lasik or PRK, I highly recommend TLC in Billings.  They did a great job!  FYI, the surgeon who did my eyes is one of the top 20 Lasik surgeons in the country.  I found that out after the fact.  He flies in from Portland once a week to do surgeries in Billings.   I love that we can get such great health care right here in Montana!  Have a great weekend.