Birthday time!

My oldest, Emma, turns 9 this weekend.  Tonight is her birthday party...and she wanted a sleepover.  I am not a huge fan of sleepovers.  Kids stay up too late and get tired and cranky.  I realize I sound like my mother right now.  She always hated sleepovers too.  The divorce remodel is still going on, so I rented a room at a hotel and we are going to go swimming, order pizza and stay the night there.  I've decided I am a genius.  I don't mind the cost, especially if it means the house won't get even more destroyed than it already is right now.  Emma thinks I am the coolest mom in the world.  She doesn't have to know that the only reason I'm doing it is because I don't want 6 nine year old girls in my house for the night.   I know what I am in for this evening, just so you know, so if you see me tomorrow, and I am grouchy, don't give me the "sleepover" lecture.  It wasn't my idea.