Santa Claus is coming to town!

This is my favorite time of year...not just because of the Holiday lights, Christmas Cheer, family, gifts, and excited children...but because I can threaten them with Santa watching their behavior! The kids were fighting last night, and I said, "I sure hope Santa isn't watching." Silence.

They refused to pick up after themselves. "I sure hope Santa doesn't see this mess." Instant cleanup.

Mom wants a foot rub. "I'll bet Santa will bring you something extra!" Still waiting on that foot rub.

I joke about my kids, but they really are well behaved most of the time. They love each other and watch each others' backs. I tell them I understand the fighting. When you live wih 5 people in the same house there are bound to be disagreements, and I am trying to teach them the right way to deal with that. It's not always easy, so I am just going to enjoy the Holidays for what it is; Santa's turn to discipline!