This is c-c-c-c-crazy!  My uterus hurts just thinking about this!

According to The Superficial,

"The kids thought family patriarch Jim Bob was joking when he broke the news that they would have a new brother or sister, Michelle said. They lined the family up on the staircase for a photo, she recalled, and Jim Bob said, “Smile — Mom’s going to have another baby!”
“Their mouths dropped,” Michelle said, laughing at the memory. “They all looked at me to see if he was joking.”
Jackson, age 7, immediately started rooting for another boy. They’ll find out the gender around Christmas, Michelle told TODAY Moms.
Jim Bob told TODAY Moms that he’s thrilled for their 20th child. “Michelle and I both feel like some of the most blessed parents in the world. Our children are so sweet… we are so grateful to God.”
And, he adds, “We didn’t want to stop on an odd number.”

Michelle Duggar almost died trying to deliver #19.  I have a hard time making sure my three kids get enough of my time and attention.  Yes, I probably would have had one more if I was younger.

How do you know when it's time to stop having children?  How many is too many?

If you are from a big family, did you like it growing up, or did you feel lost in the crowd?

A lot of questions, I know, but I am curious!