There is nothing quite like a bad date. The only thing gained from a bad date is a story to entertain your friends. With our Love Gone Wrong contest, you can turn that bad experience into a prize. Tell us your bad date story and if it's one of the best ones we receive, you'll get one of our great prizes. See inside for the online submission form and sneak peaks at some of our favorite submissions so far.

Unlucky Suitor #1

"He quickly reached down to his satchel to retrieve something and replied, "Well, before we leave I wanted to read something to you," and placing a book on the table explained, "Dr. Seuss is one of my favorite authors!"

Unlucky Suitor #2

"I went on a date with a football player from BSU who seemed nice. When we got to the restaurant all he could talk about was himself. I tried changing the subject, to no avail, and finally told him I had to go. All before the food even arrived. He started berating me saying "do you know who I am? I'm a linebacker for BSU and you are lucky to go out with me! Do you know how many women would jump at the chance? You stupid b***h, you just lost the best thing to ever happen to you!" I just chuckled and said, "yeah, you're right" and I left."

Unlucky Suitor #3

"It was a second date, and we decided to take a relaxing hike up the M. It seemed like a good opportunity to talk and get to know each other a little more. We got a small portion of the way up the trail (the first bench), and I noticed he wasn't talking as much as I was, and his face was deathly pale. He said, "excuse me" and he sprinted off into some bushes. Almost immediately the most terrible wretching noises I ever heard permeated the air. It was almost like he was yelling while he was vomiting. All I could do was stand next to the trail while passers-by gave me inquisitive and disgusted looks."

Unlucky Suitor #4

"This story STILL haunts me!! I was 19 years old working as a server at Red Lobster. There was a boy and his name was "Bryan". I fell hard for him, and hadn't even talked to him before! Our friends set us up on a blind date and we went on many more dates after that. We moved rather quick and I found myself falling in love. We went on a roadtrip together to Seattle, and we began talking about our families. I was talking about my famous dad (I cannot mention him here, because he is very well known.. his name will be "Hank"), and "Bryan" interrupted me and said, "Wait, is your dad "Hank""? I was very confused because I hadn't mentioned his name before. Come to find out, "Bryan"'s mom and my dad were married before either of us were born. I was very doubtful, because my parents were and still are very honest people. I called my dad just to make sure. Even though he insisted t hat there was no way "Bryan" was my brother (even though I did the math and there was a DEFINITE possibility), we turned the car around and came back home immediately. He quit Red Lobster and I haven't seen him since."

We will be accepting submissions until Friday February 10th.


  • $100 Gift Card at Bozeman's Erotique
  • $100 Gift Card at Bozeman's Re-Couture
  • $100 Gift Card to Smokin Smitty's in Bozeman
  • $100 Gift Card to the Cateye Cafe in Bozeman