I love stories like this! I think because I would like to do something large and memorable like this local couple is doing.  They will be joining us on the XL Morning Show Friday morning at 7:40a to tell us about their upcoming adventure.
Below is the press release:
Gerry Goede, a math & science teacher and co-administrator at Heritage Christian School, and his wife, Pat, will ride their tandem bike from the Gulf of Mexico to Canada and back to Bozeman to raise scholarship funds for Heritage Christian School.  The trip will take place from May 28 through July 2014. 

This Ride Across AMerica (RAAM) is the second trip of it’s kind, with the first one taking place in 2008—which raised about $12,000.

To support this endeavor, donors can either pledge an amount per mile (2,800 miles) or pledge a specific dollar amount.  If you’d like to pledge your support and help provide scholarships at Heritage please call 587.9311 or go to heritage-christian.org and click on the Support tab and then the RAAM button.  Please make checks payable to the HCS RAAM Scholarship Fund.

In addition to financial support, your prayers for their ride will be greatly appreciated.  You can follow their ride at: