The Livingston Classic PBR is the premier sporting event in Livingston, MT.  We are often asked what makes the PBR different from other bull riding events or rodeos. The answer is simple. . . there is only one PBR.  The PBR features only the best bull riders and bulls in the entire world, period.  Anything less than that is not up to par for a PBR event. 

What else makes a PBR event stand above the rest?  Well, there is this guy from a small town in Montana. . . He is renowned as the greatest entertainer the western industry has ever seen and he is exclusive to the PBR.  The great Flint Rasmussen.
There are many reasons PBR is different from other events, but it all comes down to this. . . Only the best will do for a PBR event.  So don't miss out on witnessing the best bulls and bull riders in the world.  Tickets are available at Murdoch's in Bozeman, the Livingston Area Chamber of Commerce and The Spur Line in Livingston.  Additional information can be found online at