I was tasked by our digital genius Cole to write about "living legends in Bozeman". As I was standing in his office Michelle Wolfe from the Moose walked by - a living legend in her own rite - and I giggled a little and took the challenge. I think everyone's list varies depending on what you are into and where you spend your time.  Musicians, artists, athletes, accomplished business people, Southwest Montana provides them all.  Now, I work in radio - I am surrounded by some of these legends day in and day out, and most of my living legends will have something to do with the business I am in.

Michelle and I in VEGAS!

Michelle Wolfe

Since I mentioned her already I thought I would start there.  Michelle has been the programmer and force behind 95.1 The Moose for over 15 years.  She recently was honored by being inducted into the AAA format Hall Of Fame - a ceremony I am pretty sure none of the rest of us will ever even be invited to attend.  Ever been to Music On Main? Yep, that's her Emceeing. Who was lucky enough to introduce Grace Potter behind her famous piano, or got a private back stage tour of Dave Matthews' guitars at the Gorge?  Yep, that's Michelle.  I love her and hate her for all her "connections", good thing she remembers us little people.


Courtesy Of Chadwicks Facebook Page


Mastermind behind 96.7 Kiss-Fm.  If you are ever out and about and need a common talking point with anyone under the age of 35, bring up the name.  You will get "I worked with him, I went to school with him, partied at this house..." Trust me, this guy is awesome and has been here, there and everywhere in Bozeman at some point. And again I am lucky enough that a lot of the time he brings the common sense among our little group of crazies here at the station.


The Clintons, Michelle Wolfe & Ellie Staley

Ellie Staley

You may not know her name, but I guarantee you love what she does for a living.  Music on Main, Bite Of  Bozeman, The Christmas Stroll - yep, all Ellie's responsibility.  Art Walks, MSU Pep Ralley's, The Bridal Walk...I could continue forever!  These events are the staple of Bozeman tradition, and she's the woman to thank for making them such a success in recent years.  Thanks for all you do, Ellie!

the clintons
The Clintons

The Clintons (see photo above too)

If you don't know The Clintons, you don't live in Bozeman.  These guys have been rocking numerous bars, Music on Mains, events, weddings etc for over a decade.  Josh, Levi, John & AJ - you know who they are and you know they rock. If you are a real Clintons fanatic you remember them playing massive Cinco De Mayo parties back in the day at the fairgrounds, or at the Filling Station :).  Keep rocking guys, we all love seeing you every single time.


Tate  in his beanie getting ready for Rail Jam!

Tate Chamberlin

Tate has brought many of the major concerts and events to Bozeman over the past 5 or so years and owns the production company Chamberlin Productions.  Monsters Ball, Fairgrounds Shows (Government Mule, Sawyer Brown, Neal McCoy, Western Underground), Rail Jam's, Willie Nelson, Avalanche, The Gallatin Art Crossing, Battle Of The Bands, Beer Festival - the list goes on and on and on.  I have had the privilege of working with Tate for awhile now, and it never fails that when people meet him they always say the same thing, "he's so young!"  Without going into specifics, he is well under 30 and a COMPLETE rockstar at what he does.  Have an idea?  Take it to Tate and he will make it happen.



Bueno at Cactus Records

I am in love with Cactus Records because it maintains the cool record store vibe in Downtown Bozeman.  It's the way record stores should be, and Beuno is the name you will hear in reference to the store, because well he works there.  I met Bueno once, and I have run away from him in humiliation ever since.  I was emceeing for Battle of the Bands and he was a judge.  I was happy to finally make the contact and enjoyed chit chatting with him a little bit.  Then came the point towards the end of the battle when I was supposed to throw T-shirts into the crowd.  One of my throws was a little off, and knocked over more than a few drinks. ALL OVER Bueno.  And I mean ALL OVER.  He went home and changed and was a great sport about it - I was humiliated.

Minnesota Vikings v New England Patriots
Dane Fletcher - Jim Rogash/Getty Images
Travis Lulay
Travis Lulay - Getty Images

Dane Fletcher and Travis Lullay

Hot football players, and also really great guys.  Travis Lullay was the man who finally beat the Grizzlies, and Dane spent his last season playing with the New England Patriots.  A great story about Travis - our old GM here at the station loved him (and I mean she LOVED him.) Graciously, Travis came to a staff meeting and surprised her with a signed football thanking her for being such a great fan.  Her face was priceless.


Mike Hope (Far Left) on opening night of the newly rebuilt R Bar!

Mike Hope & Ralph Ferraro

These are the two behind Mixers, Ferrarro's and the historic Rockin R Bar.  I will never forget the faces of these two when their beloved R Bar was blown to pieces and on fire that horrible day in March of 2009.  I also will never forget Mike's face in a picture taken just this week during the grand opening of the new building, a proud moment for all of us in the rebuild of the place we all missed so much.  The R Bar is back!


Photo courtesy of Montana State University Website

Dr. Waded Cruzado

As per the Montana State University website - Dr. Waded Cruzado officially took office as President of Montana State University on Jan. 4, 2010. She is the first woman and the first minority to serve as a university president in the state of Montana.  She hasn't been the leader of MSU for long, and already people love her.  And oh yeah, the brand new football stadium she's help come to life so quickly sure is nice too.  :)  GO BOBCATS!


doug chabotDoug Chabot

Want to enjoy the backcountry and live, listen to Doug Chabot and his avalanche reports. Doug is the director of the Gallatin National Forest Avalance Center, and the daily reports from him and his team are top notch. They cover a ton of locations, including the Bridger & Gallatin ranges, Lionhead near West Yellowstone as well as Cooke City.

What do you think of the list?  Who am I missing?