What the Lefse is going on here?  It sounds like a curse word almost!  while at my mother in laws for Thanksgiving I helped out in the kitchen a little.  I, believe it or not, am actually pretty good in a kitchen.  I'm no Chef Boyardee, but I can handle a pan!  There was a planned Lefse making party... and I was asked to help... Not sure what they were thinking!

I ended up being fairly decent actually.  My Lefse (lef-sa) making skills are pretty good.  The Lefse party that was supposed to happen Friday was postponed to Sunday and I was thrown onto the rolling board to roll out the dough.  Traditionally Lefse is meant to be a circular shaped flat bread.  My first one was somewhat the shape of Scotland... or maybe Iraq... Not really sure.  By Lefse number four I was a pro!  And I don't even have any Norwegian in me!  Check out my picture!

Is there a tradition in your family that has been passed down from generation to generation?