She has been recuperating in Salt Lake City.  Her progress is nothing short of miraculous.  I spoke to her mother, who said she's been working hard, with her goal to see George Strait on his farewell tour this Friday (Jan 25th).

The TV station in Salt Lake has even been trying to help her out.  Turns out she has tickets to the show, but can't get to them with her wheelchair.  The special seating was sold out.

It seems like everyone loves Laura!  The fact that she has been needing tickets has spread like wildfire over Facebook.

I am not a VIP.  I don't have George Strait's phone number.  For good reason...I'd probably get in trouble for stalking him.  My big bosses at Townsquare Media Corporate can get in touch with George Strait, and that's exactly what they did.  All I did was send an email with her story, and they made it happen.

I love working for this company that cares so much about the community and the people in it!

In spite of all the bad in the world, my faith is strong today, and my heart is full!!!

Tune in to the XL Country  Morning Show tomorrow, when Laura is expected to call in and update us on her recovery!