HOLY...SORE...MUSCLES!  I went to kickboxing yesterday.  I thought the class started at noon, turns out, there is a "kwik kore" class at noon, and kickboxing at 12:15.  I think the definition of "kwik kore" is "try to kill Colleen in 15 minutes."

The teacher, Lana, was not messing around!  Tough 15 minute workout, but it felt good afterwards.  I felt like I had accomplished something!

Then, there was kickboxing.  As I said, I used to do kickboxing classes before I had kids.  They were tough classes, but this one kicked my butt.  I can usually do all the exercises.  I admit, I had to stop a couple of times.  It may be because I am an idiot and wore my Shape Ups to class.  Word of advice, DON'T WEAR SHAPE UPS TO THE GYM!

I made it through, and will go again.  It was an intense workout, but there were all body types there, and all ages.  If you got tired, you could stop and get a drink.  If some of the exercises were too difficult you could modify them to make them a little easier.

Everyone laughed at me at the end for wearing my Shape Ups, but it was good natured, and let's be honest...I deserved it.