We know Ken Marino can act from his days on the MTV sketch comedy show ‘The State’ to his long resume of roles in shows like ‘Party Down’ and ‘Veronica Mars.’ And we know he can write — the 43-year old co-penned the screenplay to ‘Role Models” and did the same for the just-released Paul Rudd/Jennifer Aniston comedy ‘Wanderlust.’

But Marino revealed a new talent on ‘Conan’ that may be his most impressive yet.

While talking about the filming of ‘Wanderlust,’ Marino mentioned the cast liked to get together for a little karaoke. Then this happened.

Wow. It’s like he channeled Macy Gray. You really don’t hear that much about Gray — who was a sensation on the level of Rihanna or Beyonce back in 1999 when ‘I Try’ came out — these days. But if the world needs another raspy-voiced soul singer, it looks like Marino is ready to step in and get funky at a moment’s notice.