If you had enough money wouldn't you go for the largest most elaborate wedding? Kellie Pickler had just that planned but last minute took her beau and eloped to have a much more humble and 'real' wedding.

US Magezine

"We were almost finished with planning, we had already done the cake and the flowers and all that," Pickler told Ellen DeGeneres on her show airing today. "And every time we got to the guest list, it was like, 'Oh my God, I hate half these people!'"

That's what prompted the couple to ditch their lavish, fairy tale ceremony and elope.

"It was perfect, because we didn't plan anything," continued Pickler. "I packed the wedding dress and he packed an outfit. We flew there and we didn't know what kind of cake we were going to get. We didn't know what food we were going to have. . . it was the most incredible day of my life."

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