Kate Gosselin is pulling a typical “Kate” move.  She is worried about having to find a job!  Enter gasp here.  Oh the horror of a real job :) What do you think she should do?

TLC is offering up all new episodes of ‘Kate Plus 8′ starting tonight. And although the new season pulls out all the stops, including taking Kate Gosselin and her kids to Australia for the premiere, insiders tell me that everyone, especially Kate, is worried that she might not receive a warm welcome back.

“This season Kate has been told to bring her A-game,” a TV producer tells me. “If her ratings drop to the 1 million mark this will be her last season, and then Kate would have to get a real job.”

An insider assures me the new ‘Kate Plus 8′ episodes pack the goods: “You are going to see Kate spend another night camping, but this time without Sarah Palin. You will see her explore Sydney, meet with aboriginals and even swim with sharks in an attempt to win back viewers.”