Have you signed up for our Flyaway to meet Jason Aldean in Houston, TX?  Last day to register is tomorrow and the contest will end at 10pm.

Did you know that Houston has more air conditioners per capita than anywhere in the country? I heard that once, but I don't know if it's actually true. The point is they must have a lot of air conditioners and so you will be nice and comfortable in your hotel before you go to the concert and on your tour of NASA. Oh, you're also getting $500 in spending cash if you win, which means you could pick up a really cool shot glass at the Houston airport!

Contest is open to our XL Country Club members only, so if you're not a member yet--Really? You're not a member? Come on--become a member now by Clicking Here. Yes, it's FREE to be an XL Country Club member. And just so you know, you'll want to become a member because next week we're going to give you a chance to win another Flyaway, this one to attend the CMA Awards in Nashville.