This morning I was schooled in some Bobcat History.  Jan Stenerud came into the studio and talked with us about his beginnings as a Bobcat, and his Hall Of Fame career as an NFL kicker.  He is a great guy and is extremely humble about all of his accomplishments.  Listen to the interview inside.

In case you missed the interview with Jan this morning here is the podcast.

If you are a true Bobcat fan you have to listen to this interview.  And if you are like me and have been a fan for a few years then you need a little lesson in the history of Bobcat Football.  In the podcast Jan talks about his first trip to Bozeman, he had to take a a few planes and a 2000 mile train ride to get here.  The person who picked him up at the train station could barely say his name!  He talks about everything from running stairs in the stadium to the Parade after the Chiefs won the Superbowl.