These 90 plus degree days might not be your favorite--- I think you just need to find a refreshment.  And maybe a cool place to drink it--- Look inside for a comprehensive list of drinks to keep you from getting thirsty. Enjoy!

Perfect drinks on a hot Summer day!

  1. Beer (duh)
  2. Lemonade
  3. Lemonade w/ Vodka (now we're talking)
  4. A Stripper (lemonade, vodka, beer)(It's a drink)(Pervert)
  5. Gatorade (for the underage/preggers department)
  6. Iced Tea
  7. Orange Slush (A delicious concoction my mother-in-law makes)(Goes well w/ Vodka)
  8. More Beer
  9. Pop/soda(mixed with Jack)
  10. Ice Water(It's pretty cheap)

For those of you that are underage/preggers please try any of these drinks without alcohol or add a root in front of the beer.  And everyone else please remember to drink responsibly this summer.