When it comes to germs some people are more conscious about it than others.  I never clean my phone!  Do you?  You might change your mind after you read this---  Don't go dunking it in a bucket of bleach!

I like to think I'm a clean person for the most part.  After reading this I might have to think again!  A recent study came out showing that your cell phone can carry up to ten times more bacteria then a toilet seat does.  Would you wipe your face across a toilet?  I mean you might hug the toilet if you have the flu, but your already sick so who cares--- right?

Don't pretend that you have never looked at your phone while you are on the loo.   They say the biggest problem isn't all the germs from your own phone, it's all the other phones out there.  Your own germs aren't going to be that bad for you.  Handing someone else your phone is like handing them a bomb full of your germs!  So you might want to stop handing your babies phones to chew on and play with.

If you are wondering how to clean your cell phone check out How To Clean Stuffs website.  They will get you De-germed  in no time!