We had fun today on the XL Morning Show asking people: Where is it inappropriate to ask someone out on a date? I have to say, outside of very few exceptions (and yes, the Gynecologist would be one of them) I really don't see where there are too many places.

If you meet someone at the gym, it seems more "stockerish" to follow them outside to their car before asking them out, rather than doing it right there at the treadmill.

Here are my favorites we received on the show today:

  • Job Interview - No, it's never appropriate for either party in a job party to ask the other out on a date!
  • Funeral - I don't know, outside of asking anyone associated with the funeral party, I wouldn't have a problem with that.
  • An EMT WHILE WORKING - The EMT is busy trying to save a life, so the person he's working on would probably appreciate your discretion in trying to pad your dating resume. And this was a woman hitting on the male EMT . . .
  •  Gynecologist - Insert joke here . . .

Listen to the audio below to hear a great twins dating story--and who doesn't enjoy hearing any dating story involving twins!

Thanks everyone for sharing your stories today!