We love our XL Nation VIPs, so we're going to try and help you figure out Dave & Ally's Secret Sound. Below are the incorrect guesses we've received so far.

  1. Spoon Being Dropped Into a Mason Jar
  2. Poker Chip
  3. A Glass Bottle Tipping Over
  4. Coin Dropped Into a Bottle
  5. Test Tube
  6. Marble Dropped into a YETI tumbler
  7. Bike Bell
  8. Quarter Being Dropped into a Glass
  9. Coin Being Dropped in a Coffee Cup
  10. Golf Ball Dropped into a Glass
  11. Ice Cube Dropped into a Glass 2x
  12. Wedding Ring in a Glass
  13. Marble Dropped into a Glass
  14. Money Being Dropped into a Jar
  15. Christmas Ornament off of a tree
  16. Change in a Glass Jar
  17. Powerballs Dropping
  18. Dice in a Coffee Cup
  19. Wrench Being Dropped
  20. Cow Bell 2x
  21. Wedding Ring 2x
  22. Baseball
  23. Tea Steeper
  24. Staple Puller
  25. Selfie Stick


Dave & Ally's Secret Sound is made possible by Kenyon Noble.