Today was our first 'Bobcat Thursday' where players and coaches stop by the XL studio to talk about this week's game. Last night we hosted our first 'Cat Chat' from the Pour House on XL, and this weekend we'll be carrying the first game of the football season against Arkansas State. Kickoff is at 5p, by the way!

Here's An Important Note Regarding Bobcat Football:  If you plan on listening to the Bobcat football games on our Live Stream at, we will no longer be carrying the Bobcats on the stream, which means you will not be able to listen to it on or your RadioPup app on your smartphone.

You can still stream the games, which will now be available on the Montana State University website.

We will post a link for you above in the What's Hot bar here on the website. If you have any questions, just shoot me an e-mail at