Its being torn down to make the property more appealing!

21 years ago when I moved to Bozeman, the second place we stopped to eat was JB’s. The first being the Bay in the Mall, which was called the “Banana Bay” at the time. Since that time I became friends with Mike and Aleta Madsen who owned the restaurant at the time. Mike and Aleta were 2 of the hardest working folks I have ever met. In 1992, when working at another radio station in town, I made my speech to run as President of the United States, there at JB’s that morning.  I still have buttons and coffee mugs to prove it. When my wife would work late my daughter Shelby and I would go to JB’s for Dad and Daughter night. We would always share the turkey dinner, with mashed potatoes and gravy. Mike and Aleta I know you did not own the JB’s anymore but you were a part of my awesome history here in Bozeman. Mark Allen