I've been in Bozeman for nearly 3 months now and I am loving it! But here's a frustration that I need your help with. I miss my wife Candice and I'm ready to see her at the end of each day after playing at the radio station. But I can't do this until we find a place for us to live. I've been staying with a friend here at the radio station while I'm looking to find us a place, and to say it's been a bit depressing on that front is an understatement. Some people are downright rude when it comes to our pets and the possibility of renting to us.

I was told before I moved here that Bozeman was a pet friendly town. I'm not finding that to be the case. We have a few pets, all small, all de-clawed, and all very clean and respectful. However, no one seems to want to rent to us.

Anyone out there looking to rent out a place, or know of someone who is looking to rent out a small house? We don't smoke, we're clean, and so are our pets. Our credit would make the government proud and I enjoy steady employment. Oh, and we don't play our music loud at home because after listening to music all day at the radio station, we're ready for some quiet time.

The XL Nation's help with this would be greatly appreciated! Candice and I would certainly appreciate it, and so would The Peanut!