This year I have been watching a ton of football.  My boyfriend Ross is a football freak, and well I like to hang out with him so I started paying attention.  After all I thought it would help my cause during hockey season – my sport of choice.  And I officially have a team…The Green Bay Packers.

Here’s why:

~ Aaron Rogers – You can tell he loves to play football.  After watching Bret Farve for way to long, he now is the superstar…and hot.

~Hercules Clay Matthews – He is big and he knocks people over.  Boom.

~ Uniforms – The look tough and I like to wear yellow and green.  Bonus.  They don’t wear Black pants that could be very easily mistaken for womens leggings.  NOT HOT!

~ Family Rivalry – All my relatives love the Vikings, this is going to make Thanksgiving even more fun.

~ Tom Brady – Gets his hair done before the game, no doubt about it.  Again, NOT HOT!

~ Cowboys – Even I think the Star is a little girly, just saying.  And Tony Romo dated Jessica Simpson, obviously he’s not great at making good decisions :)

That’s about it – a hockey girls take on football!  GO PACKERS!