Swear I am not lying about this.  I was getting into the shower last night, and in typical fashion, I had several children with me.  I don't remember the last time I went into a bathroom alone.

I took off my robe and was stepping in, when I heard Matthew (3 year old) from behind me start to sing, "Baby Got Back" from Sir Mix Alot.  I know he wasn't being unkind.  It just came to him as he saw me naked.  Awesome.    I make no excuses for my booty.  I remember being as tall as I am now, about 5'10", weighing about 110 pounds (high school) and having a big old booty.  I don't mind it.

I did mind it when I was pregnant, especially with Gracie, and it looked like I was carrying triplets.   It looked like I had one in my belly, and one in each butt cheek.

I am working out regularly, eating right, and not losing much/any weight.  Could it be my nightly glass(es) of wine?  Probably.  Am I going to give them up?  Probably not.  Could it be that I am over 40?  Probably.  Can I do anything about that?  Absolutely not!

After Matthew, I got back to my pre-pregnancy baby weight.  I gave up "bad carbs", processed sugar, and dairy.  I am not willing to do that anymore.  I want to be healthy, meaning a decent weight and somewhat toned.  I am NOT giving up cheese ever again.  I have cut way back on processed sugar.  But I did not pass on the homemade pie I made the other day.  I think we all have to be realistic about ourselves.  I have a friend, a "skinny bitch" as I lovingly call her.  She eats EVERYTHING and doesn't gain a pound.  That is not me!  I have a friend who has 6 pack abs after 2 kids.  Not going to be me! My goals now, are to feel good about myself, and I do.

I will look at this as a learning opportunity for Matthew.   He will appreciate a girl with some curves.  I WILL teach him not to sing that song to girls, though, because he may get hit!

I had to miss my workout with Annie on Wednesday, but am going to hit some classes this weekend at The Ridge.  I was planning on getting outside exercise, but the forecast is not cooperating.

Will you join me?

The Ridge Athletic Club