Being a VIP in the XL Country Club is something that definitely has its perks.  Getting as many points as possible is the key to winning prizes!  I'll let you know a few ways to make sure you are getting as many points as possible!

Getting points is pretty straight forward:
  1. Daily Passwords- This is the easiest way to pick up 10,000 points a day!  That is 20 entries into the George Straight Giveaway!  Make sure you are tuned in at 7:20, 10:20, 1:20, and 5:20 everyday to get them.  If you aren't near a computer write them down or put them in your phone.  You have about 23 hours to get the words in.
  2. Answer Some Trivia- Each trivia question will get you 500 points! (Hint: we give you the answers! Shhh)
  3. Take Some Surveys, Q&A- Again it takes a few seconds and it will gain you a ton of points!  Some a surveys from local retailers, some are just about Bozeman.
  4. Bonus Codes-  You can get these codes by listening to a 20 second commercial and by heading inside the Gallatin Valley Mall and getting the code.
  5. Streaming- Every 15 minutes you stream us you will get yourself 250 points in the XL Country Club!  Your welcome.... :-)

There are still a few more ways to get points, so log on and enjoy winning with XL Country!