This morning on the XL Morning Show we had listeners call in with websites that they frequent. Most people visit the same websites everyday, so we wanted to broaden our horizons a bit. Below is a list of some of the websites people suggested:

  • - Allows you to stay up to date on how your kids are doing at school.
  • - Don't worry it's a family-friendly site. If you're into cabins you will love this website!
  • -  A discount site where you can save money on a variety of products.
  • - All things horses and riding.
  • - A health & fitness site complete with videos and recipes.
  • - A local site that focuses on Down Syndrome Research, Education, and Advocacy.
  • - Another local site that discusses wealth strategies.
  • - An insider's guide to Montana.

Thanks to everyone who called in with a website today. If you have a website you would like to add to our list, send us an email at