That's My Kind of Night, Runnin' out of Moonlight, Boys Round Here, We Owned the Night, Country Girl Shake it for Me, Gimmie That Girl, Just a Kiss, Put a Girl in In,  Honky Tonk Badonkadonk and on and on!

The current Country Radio sound and the songs you love to make hits are due to this man- He has written some of the biggest current hits on radio today. The list is long and deep. No wonder he was the 2013 ACM Songwriter of the year BMI 2012 Songwriter of the Year, NSAI 2012 Songwriter of the Year etc... Check out his site and gawk in awe at his long list of hits- they go on and on.

He is who Zac was referring to when sending out the stinger of criticism about songs on Country Radio that are bugging him. He tells Zac Brown to respect his creativity. Well, there is a ton of respect for a man who seems to have captured what people want to hear at the right time with the right artists. Tons of respect.