This is my hydrangea plant.  I used to describe it as my beautiful hydrangea plant.  It was so full and getting ready to bloom.  Then, the hail came last night.  I could see the dark clouds coming, and put all my plants along the house.  That usually protects them.  The storm blew in, and all I could do is watch everything get destroyed from my spot inside the house.

I am not extravagent.   I have three kids, and lots of bills, and am pretty careful about how I spend money.  You can't count shoes...they are my exception.  I do spend some money on annual flowers.  Mike makes fun of me, because every year I say I am not going to go overboard.  Then, I go to the local nurseries and am overwhelmed by the beauty.   They make me happy!

This is just a very small sample of the destruction.  I actually had a pretty good attitude about the hail storm last night.  Most of them will come back, it will just take a little longer.  I reminded myself that I have three beautiful, healthy kids, a wonderful husband (most of the time), good friends, and a great life.

I was happy again, as I bathed kids, and got them ready for a fun day camp today.  I didn't even mind that the house was a disaster after a fun weekend.  As usual, I was exhausted by the time I was ready for bed.  You should know, I love my bed.  It is beautiful and comfortable and my little oasis.  As I got ready to climb in, I noticed some dirt.  Then, I saw alot of dirt.  The wet, muddy dog had gotten into the house earlier and decided my bed was the perfect place to curl up and get dry.

That was breaking point.  The window was open, so my neighbors probably think I am crazy, but there were some cuss words, and threats of a gun and a dead dog.

Don't worry, the dog is alive, but she did sleep in the garage last night.  Don't tell me that she didn't know she was wrong.  Maggie is 9, has never been allowed on the furniture, but every once in a while I will walk in and find her on my good chair.  I swear she has facial expressions, and 'oh s***' is a common one!

Today is a new day, and a chance for a new hailstorm.  I think I am ready.