I have found a new workout that I love.  It's Pure Barre in Bozeman.

There are a few other people in the office who are working out there, too...so we've been chatting about it a lot at the office.

I think some men think it's a girly workout, so we invited some to come along with us.  Russell chickened out.  He was afraid he would pass gas during class.

Cole, our digital guru, as I like to call him, stepped up to the plate.  I am so proud of him for going!  It is a class full of women, although they have a class called 'take your man to the barre.'  I love that Cole is confident enough to work out in a room full of women.

Cole found out the class is a little harder than it looks!  I was so sore I could barely move after my first class, and I was glad to hear he was too!

I wish I could talk my husband into going.  This is a crazy,difficult workout that makes you feel like a million bucks, and changes your body quickly.

Nice job, Cole!!!