Please read 'So's 1-4 for today's post.

So we did some talking last week about Godzilla. You know you liked it. I am back around to talk to you about Godzilla some more, nothing special, just a little heads up that Godzilla is returning to the screen in the next year! Monster nerds rejoice! Slated for a 2012 release, Godzilla is in his infancy right now and will hopefully be matriculating into his old ass-kicking self in the near future. I cannot tell you how excited I am that this might be happening and that the director of last year's Monsters will be involved, but here it goes: I am so excited.

So what Riley? Who cares? Godzilla is stupid. You are stupid, Godzilla is awesome, I care and you should too because when awesome things happen and you miss them like a chump, the world gets just a little more lame. Let's just say every time you doubt Godzilla's power, he kills a baby unicorn. Do you want that on your conscience? Thought so punk.

So here it is, who do you think Godzilla will be facing off against this go round? Mecha Godzilla? Mothra? Ghidra? Rodan? The possibilities are endless so let us just call it like this: you guess as to which beasty will be entering the arena against the king of all monsters and post it on the facebook. I will prepare an awesome prize for the winner when the details get announced in the coming season. I promise that if you are someone who took the time to post about this, you will like the prize. You super-badass.

So, Peace.