Saturday, May 17th XL Country will team with our sister stations here at Townsquare Media for the Gallatin Valley's Largest Garage Sale. So this weekend, go through your garage, basement, or that extra room where you've stored a bunch of cra . . . treasures, and see what you have to sell.

We'll bring you the people, so you can cash in on the items that are right now just taking up space at your house. Do you have old records, clothes, athletic equipment, electronics? All of that can be cashed in for extra money for you.

Plan to have your garage sale on May 17th and again, we'll take care of promoting it for you across 5 different radio stations and 5 vibrant websites that receive tens of thousands of visitors every month. You can also upload pics of your best items and download signs for free to put out on your block the day of the Super Garage Sale.

Sign up your garage sale today for our Super Garage Sale on May 17th, and who knows, I may even come by on that Saturday and broadcast live from your yard or garage. Call me on the morning show and tell me that you've registered, and we'll even give you an extra plug!