Last week we heard from Garth Brooks about a BIG announcement coming on Monday, which is today! We found out that the BIG announcement today was that there will be another BIG announcement on Thursday!  You know you're a BIG star when you can make an announcement about an announcement and people still care what the 2nd announcement is all about.

We're pretty confident he'll be announcing some sort of tour dates for his World Tour which he's already booked shows for in Ireland. Or maybe he'll tell us that he's got a Really, Really BIG announcement next week. But, hey, it's Garth. We'll still tune in next week to find out what it is! If Garth has an announcement to make, I'm going to be there!

I just hope that when he does finally give us "the goods", Montana is mentioned at some point during the press conference. You can actually watch a live stream of Thursday's press conference by clicking here. It begins at 10am Montana time.