Didn't get to go to the gym today.  We were just turning in when Matthew threw up.  I thought it might be just an upset tummy from birthday party treats, but once again, I will not take a sick child to a daycare situation, hoping other parents do the same!

Mike had to work late tonight, so the evening classes were out of question.  That is the hard part of working out for me.  Not necessarily finding the time, but juggling kids, swim practice, Mike's job, dinner, etc.  Today was a weird day, and I know it won't always be like that, but I was excited to work out today, and was more than a little disappointed.

I honestly don't know what I would do without Ridge Kids.  Have you been in that place?  I want to play in there!  Big tubes the kids can crawl through, a room full of balls to bounce in, slides, games, treats and really nice people who work there.  Matthew doesn't want to leave!  It's an affordable way to make sure I make it to the gym.

Tomorrow, I work out with Annie again.  I wasn't a complete slacker.  I found time to get a walk in, and ate very healthy meals.  I know what I am in for tomorrow, and I can't wait!