Worlds largest traditional tent circus brings a new concept in family entertainment to Livingston and Three Forks and we've got lots of tickets to give away!

XL Country wants to give you four tickets to take the family or friends to this fantastic event. There will be four winners of a 4-pack of tickets for the Livingston show and Three Forks show.

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In America today, there remains only one big-tented circus, which manages to maintain a traditionally demanding road schedule. It's the all new 74th edition of the Carson & Barnes Circus, bringing almost a hundred performers and animals to the Three Forks on July 13th with shows at 4:30 and 7:30 and Livingston on the 14th with shows at 4:30 and 7:30.  Carson & Barnes Circus is always pleased to provide a portion of its income to civic organizations for local use.  In 2009, almost 500,000 dollars were raised for local hosts

Carson & Barnes Circus travels with its city-block long tent to some 200 towns and cities each ten month season. Emphasis this year is on a new concept in circus presentation, which blends over eight decades of circus tradition and family ownership with exciting new acts and up-close audience viewing, achieving a new height in quality family entertainment. While other circuses have reduced their size and schedule, Carson & Barnes is still the only organization capable of moving such a huge show to a new site nearly every day, seven days a week.



When Carson & Barnes sets up circus morning, it is circus history and magic, transforming the show grounds into "Circus City USA". The general public is invited (free), and early birds on «Showdate» can watch as the first units of the caravan begin arriving about an hour after dawn. Over 2 dozen types of exotic and domestic animals, featuring a large traveling zoo, are unloaded, fed and watered and made available for viewing.  Adding to the excitement, is the final and most popular experience of all, as humans, elephants and technology work side-by-side to erect America's most spectacular and largest circus Big Top.


The performers are artists from around the world, including the United States, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Russia and Italy. Acts consist of aerial trapeze, high wire, motorcycle acrobatic teams, jugglers and clowns, along with performing elephants, camels, dogs and horses.

Special for 2010 is our award winning clown and world-renowned "King of Comedy" Alex, who will entertain you with hilarious high bounding feats on the trampoline.

Other show highlights include:

  • Our Grand Spectacular Patriotic Parade, which features a “Salute to America” displaying beautiful hand made costumes and animal blankets.
  • Wire Walking Wizard -- Fabio Farfan
  • Canine Capers -- from the Ukraine, Datsenko's Delightful Doggies
  • Mid-Air Motorcycle Madness -- A daring motorcycle ride up the wire while an acrobat performs suspended below. Nando & Nancy
  • Daredevils of the Double Wheels of Destiny with astounding feats of balance and agility, blindfolded! -- the Fernandez family
  • A Dazzling Display of Championship Hula Hoop Manipulation – Julie, Francesca and Vanessa
  • The Master Of Body Manipulation -- Kevin Barnal Rios from Colombia
  • Incredible Young Men and Women on the Trapeze -- The Flying Cavallini Family, featuring the triple somersault.
  • Death defying high wire performers from South America -- the Herrera Troop
  • Dallas’s Doggies -- A variety of precocious puppies that will steal your heart away.
  • Millers Majestic Prancing Ponies - always a hit with children of all ages.
  • The world’s best elephant act performing under a big top!


Advance general admission tickets will soon be available at «Ticketoutlet» at special discount prices for adults at «Adult_ticket» and children (2-11) at «Child_Ticket_»before circus day. This will greatly benefit the «Sponsor» fundraising goals. You may also choose to go online and get tickets at full price at All tickets can be upgraded to preferred seating for an additional charge online or at the box office.