There are a lot of things you can do to sabotage your career . . . like getting drunk at the holiday party and telling off your boss.

But check out this list from "Forbes" that lays out four of the most COMMON ways people sabotage their own success.

#1.) Making Spelling and Grammar Mistakes. Things like not capitalizing letters or writing "a lot" as one word can make you look dumb, or like you just don't care. Even if it's in a short email about something that isn't important.

#2.) Over-Promising. If you do this one a lot, you're probably too optimistic about how fast you can get stuff done. It doesn't necessarily mean you're flaky, which is also a bad trait to have.

It just means you forget to factor in that you might hit a few roadblocks. Obviously, over-promising ONCE probably won't hurt your career. But if it starts becoming a trend, it definitely will.

#3.) Criticizing People Behind Their Backs. It makes you seem overly negative. And the people you're talking to automatically assume you also talk behind THEIR backs. Especially if you do it around your boss.

#4.) Not Owning Up to Your Mistakes. A lot of people only KIND OF admit when they're wrong. They start off by apologizing, but then try to pass off half of the blame to someone else, or they come up with an excuse to explain it away.

In the end, if you're the one who MOSTLY messed up, you're better off just owning all of it.