These are the pictures I took while out and about today.  I was on Nelson Road, about a mile North of the Frontage Road.  I saw some properties flooded, but no houses.  Some folks were sandbagging, and according to flood officials, we are expecting more flooding by Memorial Day, as the temperatures rise, and the heavy snowpack melts.  We will keep you up to date as we get information, and this link below is a great resource to keep checking.

Below is another great website that will let you know about hazards statewide.  Great to have during crazy springtime flooding and weather.

In Park County, as of 10 AM, Saturday, 5-14-11, the bridge on Miller Drive in the 5 Acre Tract, is closed until further notice.

Two flooded areas on Trail Creek Road have been closed and re-opening is dependant on high water activity in those areas.  Where Old Yellowstone Trail intersects with Trail Creek Road and the West Pine Creek/Divide Road area of Trail Creek Road have been closed.

Please be very aware that we are just beginning the high water season and it is hazardous out there.  Remind everyone not to drive through water on roadways as the road that was there yesterday may not be there today!

If you have any questions or concerns , members of the Sheriff's Department, County Road Department and Rural Fire #1 are checking the roads and staying informed of flooding issues.