guess is she can afford a little rent increase, what do you think?  ~Erin

NEW YORK — Actress Faye Dunaway plans to fight a lawsuit aiming to evict her from her rent-controlled apartment in New York, her attorney said Thursday.

Dunaway's landlord filed a complaint last week seeking to evict her from the apartment on East 78th Street, alleging it is not her primary residence and that she was thus not entitled to enjoy rent control when the lease expired in July.

A court hearing scheduled for Thursday was adjourned and instead, lawyers for the two sides met in an effort to resolve the matter. Dunaway, 70, is in California, and was not present.

Dunaway first signed a lease for the one-bedroom apartment in 1994, and her rent is $1,048.72 a month. But according to court papers, she maintains a home in West Hollywood and has a California driver's license.

Her lawyer Elizabeth Shollenberger told reporters on Thursday that the actress calls New York her home and she is not voluntarily leaving the apartment.

"She has not moved out," the lawyer said. "There's water damage in the apartment that she said she's been complaining about for years," the attorney said.

Dunaway will be able to keep the apartment and continue to pay rent while the case is pending, Shollenberger said.