Make it a family New Year's Eve.

Planning a family New Year's Eve this year? If you are skipping the crazy parties and opting instead for a night at home with your kids, make it special.


Here are some ideas for a family New Year's Eve celebration that are kid-appropriate and not the least bit boring. The best part? You won't start the new year with a hangover!

New Year's Eve Cake - A totally cute and fun idea for a special party cake.

Sparkling Punch - Rudolph may be long gone, but we can still enjoy a glass of punch in his name.

Party Hats - Make your own party hats out of construction paper, glitter and imagination.

Confetti Balloons - You can't have a family New Year's Eve party without some noise and a big mess. Here you'll find instructions for making confetti-filled balloons to pop at the stroke of midnight.

Bubble Wrap Stomp - We love this idea for making noise and burning off that excess energy!

Board Games - Bring out your favorite board games and see how many you can play before the clock strikes twelve.

Time Capsule - As you count down the hours to the new year, make a family time capsule to preserve special mementos of your lives for future generations.

Make Some Noise - Use pots and pans or try one of these ideas for welcoming the new year with a cacophony of sound.

From: Dan Van Media