Do you have a Facebook page?  Have you had it for a long time?  How many friends do you have or for that matter do you really need...on a website page?  I am a relatively newby to Facebook, finally getting at page last September.  My friend list is mostly radio and record industry people I know or have met along the way.  So how many friends are enough and when is it time to say 'buh-bye' to a friend?

We all have at least one Facebook friend who just won't get out of your news feed and posts far too much information.  A new survey of Facebook pet peeves lists the top reasons that people decide to defriend someone.

The website asked people what bothered them the most.

The survey's results found the number one reason to defriend someone was if they complain too much and post too many negative status updates.

The second most popular reason was when friends share unsolicited political views.

The third reason was just posting too much in general.

And the fourth biggest reason to defriend someone was when a friend brags too much about their own life.

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