Bozeman School District has announced the date of the opening of Elementary Eight.

Kids will be going to school there in August of 2013!

Original construction timeline estimated that the building would be occupied in the fall of 2014, however a significant portion of the building will be ready for occupancy at the start of the 2013/2014 school year.

In May 2012, voters approved a 26.4 million dollar levy for construction. The site is located on the corner of Flanders Mill Road and Durston on the west end of Bozeman.

Officials anticipate 8 - 12 classrooms will be completely ready for the first day of school. These rooms will be housed in the wing of the building. The playground will be ready to go and students will be able to use the music room, gymnasium and library.

During the first few months of school, there will be some light construction and finishing work on the unused portions of the building

The district has students at every grade level who have requested to attend the new school and says they will have room to accommodate all grades (K-5) when the school opens.

Sharon Navas, currently the principal of Emily Dickinson Elementary School, has been named as the new principal at Elementary Eight.

The process to hire teachers and support staff for the new school will begin soon.

Parents who reside in the Elementary Eight attendance area and have questions or who would like to change their enrollment request for next year can call Liz Cleary, Enrollment Secretary, at 522-6005.

Questions regarding transportation should be directed to Vance Ruff, Transportation Coordinator at 522-6041.

Recently, a committee was formed to select the name for the new school. The committee will be chaired by retired BSD principal, Mrs. Robbye Hamburgh.

Committee members include students, parents, teachers, and community members. During the next two weeks, the committee will solicit suggestions from all students in the District as well as suggestions from members of the community.

The committee will select a “top 10” list and that list will be posted for online voting.

The names that receive the most votes will be given to the Board of Trustees, who will have the final say in selecting the school name.

If you are interested in the process or have a suggestion for the committee to consider, click on the district's website here.

All suggestions must be submitted by April 26, 2013.