So, at my last workout, Annie the supertrainer and I were talking about my progress.  I told her sometimes I don't feel like I have advanced much.  So, she said that our next workout would be the first one I ever did, so I could see how far I have come.

Something you should wonderful, and skilled, and sweet as Annie is...she lies.   I did my "first" workout, but with heavier weights, and different exercises.  I busted her about halfway through.  She even admitted she's never gone easy on me.  Thank goodness for that!  Like I said before, if I was working out on my own,  I wouldn't have progressed at all.

I went to the Sugarland concert in Billings on Monday and wore my jeans.  My skinny jeans.  They fit, without looking like I was forcing sausages into casing.  So, keep lying to me, Annie! Obviously, I am progressing.  The proof is in my strength and energy level, and how my clothes fit.

I have another workout with her on Friday.  I know I can't slack for the next two days, so I am going to hit some of the classes.  Below is a link to the classes that The Ridge offers.  Want to meet me there?