Are you looking to cut calories, but aren't sure where to start?

Here are a few EASY ways to cut unnecessary calories out of your day without the dedication to a strict diet!

Use hummus for all of your dipping needs. It will not only save you an average of 250 calories, but is high in fiber, which makes you fuller, longer!

Ease on the cheese, please. Taking cheese off of your sanwiches saves between 70 and 120 calories per sandwich! If you eat a sandwich every day for lunch, that could be well over 500 calories saved in one week!

Replace sour cream with Greek yogurt. The low fat, plain version of Greek yogurt tastes just like sour cream, minus all of the calories and fat.

Drink water instead of…everything else you drink! Taking soda, smoothies, specialty coffee drinks, and other tasty beverages and replacing it with 0 calorie, high quality H2O will cut an average of 500-700 calories a day!

Coffee drinkers should go black and never go back. Taking out the sugar and creamers from your morning wake-up brew can eliminate up to 300 calories, while still getting all of the caffeine benefits!

Order off of the kid's menu. We understand we are a fast food nation and with tempting restaurants like McDonald's on every corner, they are hard to avoid. Do your body a favor and order a kid's meal instead of the extra large value meal to cut the ridiculous calorie count in half.

Ditch the butter for cooking spray! You'll save 100 calories by cooking your chicken, fish, or whatever the heck you normally cook in a pan lined in cooking spray instead of butter.

Eat in! Restaurant meals are often higher in calories than food cooked at home due to ingredients (that make them taste so good) and portion size. Depending on how often you eat out, cooking at home can save up to 1000 calories a day.

Dressing on the side, please! When you DO eat out, get that side salad instead of the onion rings and pour the dressing on yourself, which can save up to 400 calories.

We think those are pretty easy and simple changes that will make a HUGE difference with regular exercise and portion control!

Unlike a diet, these are habitual changes that, once adopted, will help keep you calorie intake lower for the rest of your life!

Just an FYI, I am not giving up Diet Coke!!!