It's happening, my body is changing!  I told you before that I have always been pretty lucky in terms of losing weight quickly (thanks to those before me!).

This time hasn't been so easy.  I hate to admit it, but it's probably because I am over 40.  I have been working out for a few months now, and I wasn't seeing results as quickly as I would like.  I felt like I wasn't seeing ANY results.  Until now.  My arms are starting to have some shape and definition to them.  My butt is higher!  That's quite a feat.  Even when I am super skinny I have a big booty, so that's alot of lifting!

Speaking of lifting, I am seeing Annie, my supertrainer, twice a week.  I have figured out that is my most effective and enjoyable way of working out.  When I say enjoyable, I don't mean fun like sitting at the beach with a fruity drink in my hand, but enjoyable that I feel like I am truly accomplishing something, and seeing the results.  When I first started, the leg work about killed me.  Now, I look forward to it.  I am seeing shape to my legs, and it's making me feel pretty sassy.

My clothes fit again.  That's a big deal!  After having kids and losing the weight, I bought some nice jeans, and other basics, and spent more than I usually would.  I didn't want to go up a size.  Now I can fit into those clothes AND breathe!

I was talking to my Mom about spending the money to be at the gym and for thE personal trainer.  We DO have three kids, and the economy isn't great, and I think us Mom's have a tendency to feel guilty about spending money on ourselves.  My mom told me what I already know.  I NEED to do this for myself.  It makes me feel good, it keeps me healthy, it gives me a little break to be alone, and it shows my kids the importance of being healthy.  Plus, I get to eat...ALOT!

Join me at The Ridge Athletic Club, you won't regret it!